Understanding how Apparel gets customized with screen printing

Different products are customized for you in different ways - We have screen printing, etching options on mugs, and embroidery options on sweaters and bags. In this post we're going to explain how apparel - tshirts, sweaters, and hoodies are customized for you. 

We have a whole section dedicated to apparel and we've hand picked the best pieces based on today's trends and also to represent a wide selection of price points.  Apparel is fantastic because it can be customized in SO MANY ways. Which is amazing, but also daunting. 

The way apparel works is that you start with a product.

STEP 1. Pick a piece of apparel. 

This is our Everyday Tee. It is $4.00. All of the apparel pricing on the site is the cost for a piece of apparel, without it being customized. You can buy 1 shirt, or 100. So the MOQ on apparel (MOQ = minimum order quantity) is super low. 

Of, so you have decided on a shirt. This one is it. But you want to customize it. This is where the next stage of the shirt customizing process begins.

SCREEN PRINTING // We're going to go with the most common way of decorating / customizing a shirt - and that is with a process called Screen Printing. We'll go into screen printing in more depth in another post, but for the sake of this post - we're going to assume you're aware of the process.

STEP 2. How many are you going to have printed? How many colours?

To determine the cost of the shirt to be customized you now have to familiarize yourself with screen printing costs, that we've outlined here on this page.   So, let's say you've bought 12 of our awesome classic tee's for $4.00 a piece.

The next cost you'll need to factor is to have to have a screen made.

This is a screen that would have your artwork that you want to put on your $4.00 shirt. The cost to have this screen made is $25.00

Added cost to shirt ..... $25 one time fee

Next, we have to pay a per shirt cost to have each shirt screened. The cost (per shirt) to screen print based on the chart below, for a 1 colour logo on the shirt is $1.72 per shirt.

So you have the shirt ($4) + Screen Print ($25) + Individual Screening of each shirt ($1.72) and some miscellaneous fees that are unfortunately a part of the process (like shipping). You can see if you order a LOT of tshirts, that screen charge of $25 would get dispersed across more piece, making it a smaller charge per shirt. And, your cost to screen print per shirt also decreases. So although yes, you can screen print hypothetically 1 shirt, it's much more economical to print many, to disperse those non negotiable costs.