Enamel pins are excellent choice for events and product promotions or for an addition to a product line for resale. We take a lot of the guesswork out of making your own enamel pins by bringing our 14 years of manufacturing for our own line, so we can advise you on the best options for making your own.

By default we offer our enamel pins made in "hard enamel" which is our preffered style of pin for the gorgeous results. The Hard enamel style is the most popular type of custom made lapel pin because it offers brilliant colors and raised metal detailing.


What determines a pin cost

  • Turnaround Times
  • Sizing
  • Packaging
  • Artwork Requirements

An initial design / order of enamel pins take 14 business days to produce once artwork has been approved for production. If you require our service of packaging the pins for resale or presentation (see our packaging options) there would be additional time added onto the timeframe.  

Enamel Pins can be made in various sizes. We recommend a pin around 1.25" inches in width as a standard size. This size pin would require only one pin back. If you get into larger pins, additional pin backers may be required which adds to the weight of a pin and would be heavier on clothing.

+ Included in cost is each pin in their own cello bag
Pins come standard in a clear plastic bag to protect the pins from rubbing each other in transit. For an additional fee we can package your pins for resale or presentation needs.

+ Add $1.25 to the pin cost for
-Custom backer production (3.5" x 2" size, full colour 1 side, black and white on reverse)
-Labour of adding pins to the backers and repackaging in their own new cello bag

Each colour in your design must be seperated by a line, which would be the enamel colour of your pin. Two colours in your designs cannot touch one another. The best way to visualize this design requirement would be to picture how a stained glass window is designed. Each colour of glass is seperated using strips of lead.

Artwork is best submitted as a Vector File. File formats include AI., PDF, or in some cases we can accept high resolution JPS.


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