Options for Customizing Drinkware

Select a unique glassware decorating technique that works for you and your brand.


Enhance the appearance of your beverage with a frosted look. Your logo will attract attention with this satiny finish as well as giving your product a fresh, crisp feel. It will give your beer that “right out of the cooler” look.

Reverse Printing

This new glassware decorating technique creates a unique way to view your product and your logo.

Laser Etching

Let Zenan laser etch your logo on the bottom of your beer glass for a great new branding idea. The laser etching creates more effervescence, or “bubbles”, in your beer by circulating the air in the glass. This allows beer to stay fresher longer. Go ahead and give this one a try for pennies a glass.

Gold or Platinum Branding

For a premium European look, choose rim banding. MOQ uses only pure platinum or 24K gold to band all of their glassware.

One Colour to Multi-Colour Screen Printing

Select a satin etch for a subtle and economical option, or opt for a full colour reproduction of your brand. 

Raised Screen Printing

The ultimate in screen printing technology, this “raised” or “bubble” ink technology is screen printing you can actually touch.